About Us

Iman Islamic Association was established in 1995 and has been involved in good deeds for 17 years.

Recognizing that the responsibility of solving the problems of the Muslim community in all parts of the country is the responsibility of all, the association has started its activities today and is working for the future of the country.

Since the inception of Iman Islamic Association, our work has been organized into 4 main sectors to address the multifaceted problems of all sections of the society.

  1. Department of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Education
  2. Social Permanent Support Sector
  3. Construction of Islamic Institutions
  4. Da’wah and Qur’anic Sectors

These sectors are working together in a coordinated and individual manner.

Come on! Let’s do good together for our community!

Our vision

  • Addressing the spiritual and social problems of the Muslim community
  • Promoting Islamic teaching
  • Creating a responsible and Islamic citizen
  • To be the first association in building a society that is actively involved in the development of our country

Our Mission

  • Encourage the Muslim community to know its beliefs and maintain its identity.
  • Facilitate conditions for religious leaders to share their knowledge and experience with the community;
  • Prepare, reproduce and distribute various religious books, magazines, pamphlets and newspapers, CDs and other audiovisual as well as publications.
  • To convey the teachings of Islam in a simple, convenient and modern way;
  • Develop the thinking and vision capacity of our country’s scholars and duas;
  • Organize Sharia education for the next generation in an organized and modern way;
  • Conducting research to solve the problems of the Muslim community;
  • Facilitate the creation of participatory da’wa and training programs for all sections of the community;
  • Facilitate the expansion and consolidation of access to mosques, shrines, and other religious learning centers; enable them to be effective and modern.
  • Provide effective social and religious services to the Muslim community.

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  • Construction of a mosque
  • Support for religious leaders
  • Expanding access to Qur’anic memorization and Islamic teachings Be a good ambassador by supporting other projects as well!