Believing that it is important for the Muslim community to perform their religious duties in different parts of the country, Iman Islamic Association is undertaking various activities in the field of building Islamic institutions to fill the gap.

The other branch of the Iman Islamic Association is institution building. The sector is undertaking a number of activities to close the gap in a sustainable manner by identifying the areas where the problem is most acute, especially in view of the severe shortage of mosques, shrines and hifez centers in regional cities. To date, it has built 26 mosques in different parts of the country and donated them to the community. Currently, 15 mosques are under construction. Renovation, maintenance and expansion work has been done for 106 mosques.

Iman has completed three Qur’anic memorization centers in Satiscoon and is constructing three pillars.

Activities in this sector

Analyzing and identifying the severe shortage of mosques, access and hifez centers in regional cities; We have moved to close the gap permanently.

Thus different regions of the country

  • Built and donated 42 mosques to the community.
  • Renovation of more than 106 mosques.
  • Contributed to the Umayyads by building 6 Qur’anic memorization centers.
  • A unique mosque located at 740 km; 250 sq.m. A 500-square-foot workshop and a 246-square-foot apartment building have been built in Dukem.
  • George: A large mosque has been built in Bischofswerda and is open to the public.
  • We have inaugurated the construction of a huge, multi-purpose center at 519 sq. M.
  • George: We have completed the construction of a 193 km extension in Boisha town.

Institution building

  • Construction, expansion and maintenance of more than 100 mosques in different cities of our country.
  • Among the cities where mosques and destinations were built

Hadiya;selete ;Halaba;Afar;werebabu;Hatessa; senbete;Yabelo;kereyu;Enmor;welene and aqesta …etc

  • By Hadiya Lisana and Doesha
  • George: Duke and Mock around Addis Ababa
  • Large and multidisciplinary centers and mosques have been inaugurated.

Distribution of Ulema Support and Books

Iman is providing and providing permanent support to our rare dreams so that they do not migrate and migrate due to economic hardship.

In addition, cruc-15,965 Qur’ans of various sizes

More than 14,000 different books have been distributed to rural destinations, magazines, and receipts.


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