For various reasons, it is important to create jobs, provide sustainable support, and manage all-inclusive centers to help the economists, teammates, and converts to Islam, who are struggling for a variety of reasons, to create jobs, provide sustainable support, and manage all-inclusive centers.

The other sector, which is a special focus of the Iman Islamic Association, is the social service sector. The sector is undertaking a number of activities, including a survey to help solve the socio-economic problems of the Muslim community in a sustainable manner. It is well known that in recent times, Muslims have been forced to relinquish their faith and become followers of other faiths in the wake of the recent spate of missionary activities in Muslim-majority areas. Based on the belief that this is not the strength of others but our weakness and needs to be stopped immediately, Iman Islamic Association has been able to establish mosques in these areas, establish access points and deploy da’wahs to establish their basic beliefs.

This is the nature of the threat posed to our Muslim community in various directions. To address this dilemma, the Iman Islamic Association has undertaken a number of activities. It is still being done. She also donated Braille Qur’an to the blind.

Iman, who understands that the other thing that deserves special attention is the support of rural scholars, is working on this issue as her main task. It is well known that rural scholars, despite their wealth of knowledge, have been wandering for centuries without a textbook to teach their students. It is a recent recollection that the shortage of reference books led to the closure of a center where many of their students were teaching.

It is not hard to see that the lack of support for these reference books is high and that the lack of attention has hindered their ability to communicate properly.

In addition, the migration of urban migrants and the rising sea level due to the economic crisis of rural communities is not only detrimental to the centers of science but also darkens the prospect of finding successors. To this end, Iman is facilitating the sponsorship of these geniuses in order to prevent them from leaving the country due to economic hardship. In addition, she distributed 9,000 copies of the Qur’an and 12,000 different books to rural mosques and colleges.

The Iman Islamic Association says it is distributing Eid al-Fitr and 39070 people in Uduhuya to prevent those who cannot afford to spend time celebrating Ramadan and Eid during Eid al-Fitr. The problem is particularly acute in drought-stricken areas and should be addressed to all parties as soon as possible. She also donated 2,000 clothes to the festival. This is an issue that needs to be addressed in a sustainable manner and should not be ignored.

Iman Islamic Association has been traveling a long way with its partners by designing short and long term plans, expanding its branches and carrying out the above and other activities that benefit the Muslim community.

She further called on us to work hand in hand for such a sacred task to expand its horizons and establish Islamic University and multi-purpose social institutions with the support and assistance of its partners.

A few of the activities carried out in this sector

Organizing Quranic Memorization Centers

  • In the southern region
  • In the Oromia region
  • In the Amhara region
  • In The Addis Ababa City Administration we also contribute our role by opening new Qur’anic memorization centers.

We have been a witness for and happy to make  more than 700 Qur’anic memorization students  graduated in our sector!

We are also teaching hundreds of students in those sector!


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