Iman is establishing a college called Iman Islamic and Arabic Studies to create a good and nation-building society by transferring knowledge in an effective and modern way in order to save the culture of Arabic and Islamic knowledge that we have inherited in our country.

Iman believes that the Islamic Association is the key tool for achieving the desired transformation. In this regard, Iman established an Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Institute to help her achieve this goal, recognizing that it is imperative to create students who are competent and able to overcome the challenges of the future.

One of the main objectives of this institution is to make the Muslim community aware of its beliefs and to facilitate the sharing of their knowledge and experience with the clergy. Prepare and distribute various religious books, magazines, pamphlets, newspapers, CDs and other audio visual and print products; As well as teaching Quranic memorization and basic Islamic education to children and youth in the forums; She is reaching out to all sectors of the world so that Islamic knowledge is available to all.

Since its inception, Iman has graduated 74 students with diplomas, 30 students with diplomas, 531 students with certificates, and has completed 4,600 courses for 4,600 students. She also has a curriculum. He has also developed a curriculum online at to meet the needs of the Muslim community, regardless of distance.

In addition, it is working to educate deaf students in the special needs education program with basic Islamic knowledge, paying special attention to the marginalized sections of our society. Although the number of teachers in the sector is almost non-existent, she said goodbye to Iman, saying that we should reach out to these brothers and sisters with the available manpower. In the future, she is providing sign language training to address the shortage of teachers. So far, she has graduated 25 students.

“Many deaf people have a problem with their parents. If you learn a language, it will be useful for you. We must be able to help them. Another is that we cannot watch TV or various media, and if there are people who hear and interpret this, it will be accessible to us. Even when we enter the mosque, people who listen will gather and communicate. The Qur’an and Hadith remain, but we can do nothing but see them. Many deaf people could not read the Qur’an and no one could cover it. As we can see from hearing people learn, small children are left to fend for themselves. Then they stay high. But the first thing we have to do is join us because we still have no children left. This is not in itself a desire to learn.

Recently, there are plans to provide similar education opportunities for the blind.

Iman Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Institute has launched its regular series and distance learning program. He is also launching an online education program in our country and around the world to make knowledge available to anyone who can use the Internet.

The vision of our college

To see the institute as the primary and preferred research center for Islamic and Arabic studies;

The purpose of our college

To be able to create students who are capable of overcoming the challenges of the future, who have the complete and balanced teachings of Islam;

Major activities in this sector

  • Graduated 151 students with an advanced diploma in distance program.
  • ( website and Iman Islamic College is currently teaching 165 students.
  • Graduated 134 students from the Diploma Program.
  • Graduated 105 dreams in the Shahadah program.
  • 1205 regular students graduated with a certificate program.

• Provides summer training for 4581 high school and college students.

Web Education

  • A realistic and easily accessible that allows students to shop as much as they want from the Islamic knowledge of Anatura.
  • It’s great for anyone in any part of the world who can access the internet !!

The purpose

  • Make Islamic knowledge easily accessible to interested individuals in any part of the world;

• Facilitate the teaching of students in a way that takes into account the learning needs and speed of awareness required by the time;



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