Da’wah and Qur’anic Sectors


Teaching the Qur’an and producing Qur’anic teachers is essential to building the Muslim community’s understanding of the religion. As a result, it is working to establish a Da’wah and Qur’anic foundation to alleviate the declining spread of Islamic knowledge.

Due to the shortage of Qur’anic memorization students in our country and the lack of resources available for education, the Qur’anic memorization department, which is one of the branches of Iman Islamic Association, opened 7 centers (Qur’anic memorization centers) in different areas with 587 Quranic memorization and vibration students. Hafzew graduated. At present, 206 students are studying hifez and 303 are vibrating students.

The Hifiz centers are located in Hadiya, Silti, Oromia and Addis Ababa.

Activities in this sector

  • The teaching of the Qur’an has been taught to 960 students in different parts of the country during the year.
  • Achieve social responsibility by reaching out to 20,300 individuals during Ramadan Ramadan and Covide-19.
  • Home support for kidney patients, cancer patients and various individuals at home for a variety of reasons.
  • In the Kereyu and Yabelo community, 610 individuals have been invited to Islam.
  • Special care is provided for the care of 200 blind communities in the suburbs.
  • 6,000 individuals have been distributed Uduhiasga so that they can enjoy the bubble for the needy.
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